5 Electric Vehicles Latest News That You Should Know About

Myth Buster: Is It True That Electric Cars Aren’t Green?

You cannot ignore the importance of electric cars in today’s generation. The advanced and sustainable technology of these vehicles not only help to keep the environment pollution free but also provides a safe riding experience to the passengers. So, every day, the mechanism of electric vehicles is being updated for the greater good.  You should try to stay tuned to all the latest news about electric vehicles if you are planning to invest in them. So, here are the 5 electric vehicles latest news that you should be knowledgeable about.

Approval Of Largest Utility Program In California For EV Charging

California recently considered for a fund of $437 million to construct almost thousands of EV chargers. The utility regulator of California has regarded this step as the largest national utility program to improve the infrastructure of vehicle charging. The amount will be deposited to utility Southern California Edison to execute the plan of installing almost 40000 chargers across the nation.   The program is planned to reach the state’s goal of having 5 million active vehicles with zero-emission by the year 2030.  

5 Electric Vehicles Latest News That You Should Know About
5 Electric Vehicles Latest News That You Should Know About

Electric Vehicles Latest News: Marcedes Benz EQC In India 

Luxury Electric Cars have been the latest trend for the car lovers of India. To add a cherry on the cake, Mercedes is soon launching its new  Benz EQC model in India. This car from the German Luxury brand, Mercedes, will be India’s first electric SUV.  In February of 2020, the model was first displayed in an Auto Expo. Among all the electric vehicles, that Mercedes is trying to launch in India, EQC is the first one. The car has all the advanced features and a stylish appearance to catch your eyes. 

Increasing Share Of Electric Cars In Europe During Lockdown 

It seems that the COVID-19 pandemic has made the citizens of Europe more conscious about the well being of the environment. Hence, the carmakers have geared up to increase the production of electric cars. Therefore, it will help to maintain new restrictions in emission from next year. In the first quarter of this year, the share of electric cars in the Europen market was 6.8 %. However, between April to June, the percentage increased up to 7.2%. So, The European Automobile Manufacturers Association has published this latest report. 

5 Electric Vehicles Latest News That You Should Know About
5 Electric Vehicles Latest News That You Should Know About

Volta To Manufacture Electric Trucks: Electric Vehicles Latest News  

Due to the growing popularity of electric vehicles, the Sweedish brand called Volta Trucks has introduced its new model, Volta Zero. It is a sixteen-tonne electric truck. The company will start producing the truck on a large scale in 2020. The hub of production will be located in the United Kingdom. Also, by 2022, Volta is trying to fulfill its purpose of putting 500 active electric trucks on the roads. 

Okaya To Build EV Charging Stations In Collaboration With BluSmart Electric Mobility 

The Okaya Power Group has collaborated with India’s biggest electric feet operator BlueSmart Electric Mobility. The aim of this collaboration is to build advanced EV charging stations for BlueSmart’s feet operations. Okaya supplies the highest number of EV charging stations in India. Also, the Japanese company has constructed more than 500 charging stations across the country.  Experts have considered this partnership as a great step towards sustainable development.  

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5 Electric Vehicles Latest News That You Should Know About

Electic vehicle is the furure of transporation. So, you must stay updated about the electric vehicles latest news and make sustainable choice for your car.

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