4 Indian Electric Vehicle Stocks To Invest In 2021

electric vehicle stocks

Electric vehicle stocks have been gaining popularity since the day Tesla launched their electric vehicle. Electric vehicles are more durable, fast, cheap, and safe than any other vehicle running on fuels. Shortly it is expected that electric vehicles will replace petrol and diesel cars. When all of this is happening, you can guess that electric vehicle stocks will rise. 

Here are the top four companies having spectacular returns and a great future in electric vehicle stocks. 

List Of Electric Vehicle Stocks In India

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited

Electric Vehicle

In the industry of electric vehicle stocks, Mahindra is a pioneer. Mahindra first launched electric vehicles in 2001, the Mahindra Reva that made it the first significant electric vehicle manufacturer. In three years, the electric vehicle stocks for Mahindra returned to -2. 33 percent. 

  • Market Cap: 104788.70
  • Price To Earning Ratio: 103.53
  • Per Share Earning: Rs. 8.14

Tata Motors

Electric Vehicle

ZAPTRON, a unique technology created by Tata Motors that creates power through kinetic braking. This technology also recharges the battery while the car stays in motion. At the present time, Tata motors offer three hybrid vehicles: 

  • Nano electric vehicle
  • Tigor electric car
  • Tiago electric vehicle

Tata Motors has posted a negative return on investment in the past three years. The electric vehicle stocks returned to 45.32 percent, and nifty auto provides its investors with a 9.7 percent return. 

  • Market Cap: 114567.22 (in crores) 
  • Price To Earning Ratio: 0.00
  • Per Share Earning: Rs. -4.59

Greaves Cotton

Greaves Cotton is the only EV brand store in the area; along with that, it’s a natural extension of Greaves’s Highland engine. 

In the last sixteen years, only 3.63 percent of trading sessions had an intraday gain of about more than 5%. In the time of three years, Greaves Cotton’s stocks returned 6.34 percent. As compared to the Nifty Smallcap 100, the company has a 76.83 percent stock return. 

  • Market Cap: 3204.53 (in crores) 
  • Price To Earning Ratio: 114.08
  • Per Share Earning: Rs 1.21

Minda Corp

Minda Industries Limited, which is the flagship company of N.K Minda Group, is one of India’s most versatile auto component producers. It is the first electric car component producer that supplies electric vehicle manufacturers. 

In the last sixteen years, the company has had more than a 5% intraday gain of 3.63 percent of trading sessions. The company’s stock returned 6.34 percent over three years. 

  • Market Cap: 3204.53 (in crores) 
  • Price To Earning Ratio: 114.08
  • Per Share Earning: Rs 1.21


These are four electric vehicle stocks that investors should keep their eyes on in 2021 for better returns. There are some other companies as well, but these four have higher returns expected as of now. Before you invest in any electric vehicle stocks, make sure to read the history of the company. This will give you a brief idea if you’re investing in the right electric vehicle stocks. 

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