Top 3 Electric Cars Available On The Market

Lately, people are more interested in investing in electric cars and this is for a good reason. These electric cars have made a lot of progress lately and the batteries are now lasting a longer time than usual. There are so many electric car manufacturing companies that are offering some amazing benefits than normal cars. As the technology is taking new leaps and bounds lately, the companies are investing even more amount in making a greater impact. If you are looking for the best electric cars that are perfect in all the aspects then this article is for you.

We have compiled a list of the electric cars that you should consider owning.

Nissan LEAF

This is one of the best electric cars available in the market. This is the first car to hit the market with an electric engine in 2019. This car has some amazing features for its users and Nissan ensured that all these features are worth the amount that they are charging. This model comes in three variants- S, SV, and SL. No matter which variant of this car you pick, you are going to be awestruck with the benefits that it offers. This car is the perfect option for everyone who is looking out for an electric vehicle out there. The amazing features offered by Nissan LEAF are

  • 80-kW synchronous motor
  • Wheels made out of steel
  • Rearview camera
  • Bluetooth connectivity option
  • Display of 5 inches.
Top Three Amazing Electric Cars Available In The Market

Mercedes Benz B Class

This Mercedes Benz can be considered as a hybrid car as it has the hatchback and also provides spacious interiors. This is the best electric car that is perfect for small families. You can drive this car to the small picnics as it can accommodate an ample amount of cargo too. The 2015 version of Mercedes Benz comes with five seating arrangement.

Features of Mercedes Benz B class are

  • Seats can be adjusted in ten different way and they offer lumbar support too.
  • Deep charging mode for the battery
  • The touch screen of seven inches with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 60-40 splitting between the rear seats.
Top Three Amazing Electric Cars Available In The Market

BMW i3

The i3 model of BMW is a small yet luxurious car that is perfect for a family. This car is provided with a hatchback to carry the cargo. This car sports a luxurious look and also provides ample comfort for the people in the car. The vehicle has a gasoline engine that provides support for the electric engine. There are some amazing and noteworthy options in this car that made it into our list. The car has been released into the market in 2018 and still today it is one amongst the best electric cars available in the market. From brand value to the amazing features of the car, this can be your go-to option for sure.

Some of the amazing features of this BMW i3 model are

  • No need of key to start or enter the car
  • Adaptive control of the cruise.
  • Leather seats with extreme comfort
  • Automatic parking feature
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