A Look At Different Types Of Electric Vehicles


Choosing the new vehicle is going to be tough when there are so many options in the market. The competition between the car manufacturing companies have gone overboard and now people have a lot of electric vehicle options. These options are confusing the customers and which one of them suits their requirement. If you are on the lookout of a new electric vehicle but are confused about the types present in the market, then this article is for you.

We have curated the types of electric vehicles available in this article. The electric vehicles can be classified into four types depending upon their electricity consumption, working and performance.

Traditional Hybrid Vehicles

This is the first type of electric vehicles that you find in the market. The traditional hybrid vehicles are the conventional form of the cars with a common combustion engine along with an electric battery. The normal electric battery present in the car won’t recharge by itself. It recharges while the car is in motion. This design of the car has different vehicle components like which are capable to convert the energy emitted by the car itself. For example, the kinetic energy that which helps in applying the brake of a car is regenerated and stored in the battery itself. The electric batteries will reduce the amount of petrol that has been consumed by the car. This energy present in storage can be used to take a short trip with the car.

Different Types Of Electric Vehicles
Different Types Of Electric Vehicles

Battery Electric Vehicles

These are the electric vehicles that run entirely on the battery only. These vehicles do not have any other source that will backup the car when the electric battery runs out of the charge. There are standard charging stations for these vehicles with the help of which the battery electric cars will be charged. It is important for these vehicles to charge for a longer time. Then only they will give the maximum capacity of the battery. The average BEV vehicle can travel up to 80 miles with the help of these battery electric cars. The cars that have highest range will be a little bit pricier than the normal ones. Although getting 80 miles per charge may sound a little bit questionable, It helps in saving up a lot of fuel and gas costs. Most of the people are showing interest in these cars lately.

Different Types Of Electric Vehicles
Different Types Of Electric Vehicles

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

The plug-in hybrid electric cars also have both electric and fuel engine. A power source charges the electric motor of this vehicle. This electric engine will give a limited service. One can travel a short distance with the help of this electric vehicle. They have an option to switch to fuel power whenever they want. The average range that these vehicles offer in electric mode can be 35 miles per hour. The tail pipe won’t emit anything when the vehicle is driven in electric mode but when the combustion engine is on, the tail pipe will emit some gases into the air. They are perfect for driving in the city.