5 Ways Hybrid Battery Packs Are Being Improved


You can notice various transformations in automobiles in recent times. It is because the manufacturers want to provide the best services to their customers. Moreover, the enhancement of technology is also an essential factor for transformation. The hybrid cars are the ones that use electric motor along with an internal combustion engine. Their function in these cars is to store and provide energy to the engine of the car. It has also gone various improvements to provide the best services. In this article, we describe how these hybrid battery packs are undergoing improvement in recent times.

5 Ways Hybrid Battery Packs Are Being Improved
5 Ways Hybrid Battery Packs Are Being Improved

Earlier, these batteries in hybrid cars have various shortcomings. They were not able to provide enough power to the engine. It makes hybrid cars too slow. Moreover, the materials used for making these batteries were harmful to the environment. However, the manufacturers are continuously looking to improve them. They have already made some changes in their technology. You can observe these following enhancement in them.

Less Expensive Batteries

These batteries were very costly earlier. Therefore, many people avoid buying these hybrid cars because of the high cost for replacement of batteries. However, the manufacturers have now found ways to reduce the price. Recently, Honda and some other hybrid car producers plunged their battery packs price. It will help the buyers to reduce the overall maintenance cost of these cars.

Lithium-Ion Batteries

The majority of the batteries in hybrid cars consist of cells made from Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH). It is because they are good power sources. Moreover, they are also less expensive. However, the manufacturers are looking for lithium-ion batteries as an alternative. You are already using these batteries in laptops or mp3. They are small and lightweight. Still, they are more efficient than NiMH batteries. These batteries offer high energy to hybrid cars.

5 Ways Hybrid Battery Packs Are Being Improved
5 Ways Hybrid Battery Packs Are Being Improved

New Lead-Acid Battery Advancements

Lithium batteries can be an alternative to nickel-metal hydride batteries. However, they are costly, which can increase the overall price. It leads the manufacturers to try lead-acid batteries. These batteries were heavy. Their material can be critical to the environment. The manufacturers are looking for the advancement in a lead-acid battery. Therefore, the researchers invented the ultra battery.

These batteries use supercapacitors in them. It helps to provide energy to hybrid cars without the degradation of the battery.

Longer Battery Life: Improvement In Hybrid Battery Packs

Initially, there were rumors that the batteries of hybrid cars have a smaller life. Therefore, many potential buyers were not buying these cars. The manufactures are now providing longer battery life. Moreover, many of them give a guarantee for these battery packs to 1000 miles. It means if the battery fails for some reason, then, manufacturers have to cover the new battery the replacement cost.

Less Weight: Improvement In Hybrid Battery Packs

The heavy batteries lead to less mileage of these cars. Moreover, the lesser the weight in the car, the lower the energy it requires. To counter this problem, manufacturers looked for various alternatives. Lithium-ion is a good option. However, they were slow in releasing energy. The researchers found that coating of lithium phosphate on the battery can increase its speed. It makes the new batteries smaller and lightweight than the previous ones.