Bbc News Article On Electric Cars

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I am sure that many people have an interest in the new technology, electric cars.

We have known about the problems with traditional cars for quite some time. The problem with gas powered engines is that they are polluting our atmosphere. Traditional cars also take fuel and energy. This energy and fuel give us pollutants to breathe. It seems like there is a lot of ignorance out there about this new technology.

Electric Cars Do Not Pollute

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The good news is that there is a solution to this problem. Electric cars do not pollute. They do not use gas. They have fewer repairs and they last longer than gas-powered cars. The new technology that the BBC is testing may revolutionize transportation in this country.

What is the news about electric powered cars? The ABC Television program tested four electric cars. Each car was powered by a DC motor, a DC battery, and small amounts of electricity. The car’s system did not allow it to switch between the power source and the batteries. It required manual starting and stopping.

Awarded A Ribbon For First Place

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So how did the Electric Car beat the competition? First it was awarded a ribbon for first place. Then it won a second ribbon for being the most energy efficient car in the test. The third highest score was for fastest battery recharging time.

What is the potential for this new electric car? Some experts are saying that this technology could eventually save millions of dollars per year. These savings would come from lower fuel costs to consumers. People would be able to buy electric cars that gave them the same gas mileage that they get now. The future of cars might be a very interesting one.

It Shows Some Good Comparisons

If you are a BBC Newsreader then you likely enjoy testing cars. You may even have been lucky enough to have received one of the test cars. If you are new to cars then you may be interested in what this new electric car can do. BBC News did an article that compares the new system to the current vehicles on the market. It shows some good comparisons, but there are also some major differences as well.

Does this technology actually work? The answer is definitely yes. It will cut fuel costs and reduce emissions while making your car more powerful. The electric car was tested by a team of scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. This is one of the top research centers in the world. BBC News was the first news organization to test this new technology.

The Fuel Standards Are So High

Is this system legal? It might not seem right for the U.S. because the fuel standards are so high. However, the fact that it is completely autonomous makes this system completely legitimate. You will be able to drive the car without any human supervision and the car will be monitoring everything that goes on.

Will this technology replace gas? It might be too costly for gasoline companies to supply. Many of the electric cars being tested are about the size of a small car. That means they will be more affordable than most gasoline vehicles.

Many Factors That Go Into Creating The Technology

When will these systems hit the market? It is not known for sure. This system will only be ready for a few years. There are many factors that go into creating the technology. 

Some of those factors include improving batteries, creating better control of the system, and possibly making changes to the transmission system. This will take a lot of research to determine what exactly needs to be changed.


This ABC news article gives us hope. They seem very interested in this technology and the benefits that it could have. The research is also quite vast. If this new electric car does become a reality we would not only see a positive change but also see an improvement in our air quality. It may also reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

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