Cheapest Electric Car Options You Might Want To Explore

cheapest electric car

The culture is changing now, in the case of cars, it is moving from petrol to electric. It is also good from the environmental point of view as it generates less carbon footprint as compared to other versions and is also less dependent on the mined fuel resources. The different countries are giving slight hikes to this industry as the market is not completely ready for this new era. Mindsets have to be maintained sequentially.

Cheapest Electric Car – Considering Features

There are lots of features which decide the best ones and also the market size differently exists. The basic features in the case of an electric car that certainly decides the ranking criteria are the top speeds, range, efficiency, and fast charge rate. Only as per these criteria and available different price ranges, people choose their best. In some countries, the business model has been completely shifted from petrol/ diesel version to electric version in case of a car and some are going for it more smoothly.

Cheapest Electric Car – Running Market Stats   

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In the electric vehicle market, Tesla’s market cap is higher than the combined values of Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Honda etc. If we go for the Indian market top 5 model, Storm R3 having a price value of rs. 4.50 lakh (ex-showroom). After it, Tata Altroz is leading the game with a price value of rs. 5.26 or 5.65 lakh. Then the name of Tata Tigor EV which has a price value of rs. 12.59 lakh onwards comes. Then Mahindra e-verito exists with a price value of rs. 12.95 lakh at fourth and Mg Zs ev exist with a price value of rs. 20.99 lakh to rs. 24.18 lakh at fifth place.

Cheapest Electric Car – Supporting Scenario

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The scenario is changing in the case of the electric vehicle segment. Sincere people are acknowledging the real importance of changing their vehicle mode in case of a car. They know that this will be more economical from a user point of view as well as environment friendly. The charging stations are going on the increase in India as well as other countries. Many countries are even offering subsidies on the purchase of an electric car so you don’t have to every pressure on your shoulder.


We understand that choosing a car can be quite a daunting task and when it comes to electric cars, the investment is high, so we might have to take all precautions and considerations before we make a decision about the car. If you are confused in the middle of purchase even after knowing all the features it could provide you, remember the first reason you plan to purchase an electric car. It is usually beyond efficiency and it is about being environmentally friendly. It will be good if we choose to use an electric car in place of a petrol/ diesel car. In the upcoming scenario, it can be less or not but don’t think for the future, just give it a try in the current.

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