Electric Cars: Best 5 That You Must Own

Electric Cars: Best 5 That You Must Own

Electric Cars are environment-friendly. They do not emit greenhouse gas that increases the atmospheric temperature. More and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, since, we are standing at the edge of planet destruction. Recently more people are interested in buying electric cars. However, one must need a few necessary items for their electric vehicle. Here we have listed must-carry accessories for your electric vehicle.

Electric Cars: Best 5 That You Must Own
Electric Cars: Best 5 That You Must Own

Home Charger For Electric Cars

 Home charger station is necessary to charge the electric vehicle. The charger of electric cars is handy and easy to use. All you have to do is plug it into NEMA 5-15 receptacle. However, one can also use a 5-15R socket after its installation. Zencar Level 2 EV charger is great for Chevrolet Volt, Fiat 500e, BMW i3. Some other cars that it best suits our Nissan LEAF, Toyota Prius Prime, Ford Fusion Energi, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. Ford C-Max Energi, Tesla Model S, 3, and X are also best for with the charger. The charger will charge your electric vehicle two times faster with a 110-volt outlet.

The EVSE is giving lightning-proof, overvoltage, leakage, overheat waterproof. Moreover, it is flame resistant and has overcurrent protection for the safety of the electric vehicle, as well as for the riders.

Sticker For Electric Vehicle

Electric Cars: Best 5 That You Must Own
Electric Cars: Best 5 That You Must Own

The labels are available in two sizes. The small one is 3 inch by 5inch in size. On the other hand, the large one is 4.5 inch by 7.5 inches in size.

ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Charger For Electric Cras

This WiFi-enabled charger is compatible with any electric vehicles including Tesla Model SS, X and 3, BMW i3, X5 and 530e, Chevy Volt, VW e-Golf and Bolt EV, Honda Clarity, Toyota Prius Prime, Jaguar I-PACE, Fiat 500e, Nissan LEAF, Ford Fusion, and C-Max Energi, Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid and many more. This charger point uses NEMA 6-50 outlet which is of 40 amperes, and the circuit is of 240-volt. Moreover, this charger uses 40% less electricity than any other traditional chargers.

Blanket- Heated Fleece Travel Throw Of 12 Volt For Electric Car

This can be plugged into any car, SUV, truck, or even cigarette lighter. Moreover, it heats up fast and remains warm for a long time. This car accessory has a 96-inch long cord. This equipment is  59 inch in length and  43 inches wide. It is entirely polyester made. It’s available in blue colour.

The blanket can be folded easily, and it is very light-weight.

 ROGTZ Floor Jack Of 3 Ton For Electric Cars

This electric cars jack won’t tear apart or twisted easily- because it is made of heavy-duty thick steel plate. This is best suited for a sedan, as well as for SUV. Furthermore, this car accessory automatically stops working as soon as it reaches the height limitation. The height limitation is 42 cm. Interestingly, this equipment takes only two minutes to reach its maximum height.

There is an in-built LED flashlight which helps to work in the dark.


We have enlisted the essential car accessories required for electric cars. This list will be helpful to the electric car owners.

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