Electric Cars Of 2020 To Keep An Eye On!

Electric Cars of 2020 to keep an eye on!

Electric Cars of 2020 should be the ones you must not miss. If you are a car lover, you shall enjoy the array of Longest-Range Electric Cars of 2020 that will hit the market. It is time to churn in some cash and stay prepared to hit the road with the best car you get. Electric cars are going to replace traditional cars and, in particular, this decade is important.

With the growing competition, the car market for the Electric Cars of 2020 is going to be intense and exciting for the consumers. Let us grab a look at the best cars to be aware of.

Electric Cars Of 2020 You Cannot Miss

Electric Cars of 2020 to keep an eye on!
Electric Cars of 2020 to keep an eye on!

·        Porsche Taycan Turbo:

Porsche, being one of the most high-end brands, is changing the dimension of car manufacturing. With this model of Porsche, you can experience the best design, excellent features, and seamless driving. Priced at more than $150,000, the car is specifically for the luxurious end of society. The designing of the car is sleek, with excellent side designs and perfect roofline designs, that make the car an excellent buy. Taking just 30 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour, the top speed stands at 160 miles per hour. If you are a car lover, this is a must-buy for you.

·        Mercedes Vision EQS:

To be sold alongside the updated S class, it is a new addition to the EQ family of Mercedes. Built on the new architecture, it is launching as the flag bearer of the company. The car comes along with a high capacity battery and high performing axles. With an EQS of 62 miles per hour, the torque generated of the vehicle is 760 NM. With around 940 LEDs the car is one of the best ones to have, with the quick acceleration speed too. The car takes just 20 minutes to charge itself up to 80%, thus making it highly effective.

·        Tesla Model S:

Being one of the most desirable automobiles amongst the EV lovers, Tesla has created a strong brand name. Notwithstanding the high competition, it has made a niche and created a fan base for itself. Priced at nearly $80,000, the car picks up to 60 MPH within 4 seconds. With the dual motor and excellent design, the vehicle is sure to leave its mark.

Why Is The Hype Around Electric Cars Of 2020?

Electric Cars of 2020 to keep an eye on!
Electric Cars of 2020 to keep an eye on!

The growing hype around the electric cars in this decade has increased the popularity of the vehicles. The above three vehicles are the must-haves if you are a car lover. In spite of their high costs, you must not bargain on the quality of the vehicle

EVs are going to be the future of the automobile world. With the great ease of handling, excellent performance and highly efficient motor performance, you cannot ignore the model. The cars are aiming to make the commute easier and reduce the dependence on other forms of energy. So, jump in the vehicle of the electric cars in 2020, before you miss the train!

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