How Do Hybrid Cars Work – Essentials You Need To Know

how do hybrid cars work

Hybrid cars are the new hype in the market. Many people are now thinking of investing in them as these deliver high performance and are fuel-efficient. However, before investing in one, it is essential to know how do hybrid cars work? To have a better understanding, first, let’s check out the parts the vehicle has.

All types of gas-electric hybrid cars have some common parts. Below discussed are some of them.

Gas Engine

Hybrid Cars

Like other cars, these cars are based on a gas engine that looks smaller. There are 3-cylinder engines installed in these cars that can produce from 65 to 80 horsepower. Advanced technologies are used in these engines that help to run more efficiently. There is also a fuel tank inbuilt in these hybrid cars that is like another normal vehicle. So, now you know how do hybrid cars work?

Transmission And How Do Hybrid Cars Work

Hybrid Cars

A transmission does the same work on a hybrid vehicle as it works on a normal car. That means it transfers the power to the wheel. A gas-electric hybrid vehicle is based on two main types of transmissions, series or parallel.

  • Series transmission 

In this transmission, only the electric motor is directly connected to the transmission. You may know that the gas engine is directly connected to a generator for generating electrical energy. There is an onboard computer to determine how much percentage of power should come from the generator and the battery pack.

  • Parallel transmission 

Both electric and gas engines can produce the transmission in parallel transmission. The computer controls these components to work most efficiently in the best possible way. The electric motor does lots of work at the low speed and also help the gas engine to take over as speed increases.

Hybrids also use other technologies and tricks to lower emissions and enhance fuel efficiency. So, you should know how do hybrid cars work?  

Idle Off

A hybrid car will switch off the gas engine when the car stops. The electric engine will again power the car to start and also turns to the generator or gas engine as the car reaches high speed.

Advanced Design And Materials And How Do Hybrid Cars Works

Hybrids use lightweight materials such as carbon and aluminum fiber to lessen the weight of the vehicle. The aerodynamic designs also help to enhance fuel efficiency.

Benefits Of Hybrid Cars

  • Hybrid cars produce a very low amount of smog into the atmosphere in comparison to normal cars. The reason for lower pollution is that once they hit high speed, they partially run on gasoline.
  • The best benefit of hybrid cars is that they partially run on gasoline. A hybrid car runs on electricity when it starts and runs at a low speed. They switch on the gasoline engine once they gain speed. That is why these cars produce lower emissions.


There is more pollution, especially in the large cities. So, hybrid cars can make a big impact because these cars produce lower emissions at a slow speed and turn on the gasoline engine once they gain high speed. So, the demand for these vehicles is high in cities.

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