How To Find The Best Range Extenders

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The electric car is the one technology that has actually generated a buzz around it due to the fact that its production costs are less than that of conventional vehicles. The best thing about an electric vehicle is that you do not have to pay all the money for gas that most people would find too steep. So, if you think your budget is tight, here is where you can save a lot of cash using electric cars. This article will provide you with the information on what electric car range extenders, converters and batteries you should look out for to get the best deals and the cheapest car. Here is the lowdown:

Same Standard Platform

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Most electric cars have the same standard platform as a conventional vehicle. There are however, many variations in the design of the platforms depending on the model. For example, the platform of an electric car can be adjustable, making it easier to convert an electric car to an internal combustion engine (IVE) car in case you need to travel long distances. However, most electric cars can travel both ways at the same time.

If you want the cheapest electric car, then you can rely on battery powered range extenders and converters. They run off your car’s battery pack and deliver extra power, allowing you to drive further. You can choose from four-wheel drive, three-wheel drive or zero-emission vehicles.

Three-wheel Drive Electric Car

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If you need to travel longer distances, then you might consider the option of a three-wheel drive electric car. These vehicles have been outfitted with a third wheel that can take considerable bumps and grinds. They are much cheaper than other types of range extenders. The only drawback is that they cannot carry as much weight as the four-wheelers. On the other hand, three-wheel drive electric cars are lighter than their four-wheelers and therefore do not strain your vehicle’s suspension system. Three-wheel drive also allows you to negotiate tight turns.


If you want to enjoy a smoother ride, then you should opt for a zero-emission electric car. The term zero-emission simply refers to vehicles that do not produce any exhaust gases. These vehicles are very popular with environmentalists because they use smaller and more efficient electric motors and engines.

A battery-powered range extender is the cheapest way to extend your driving range. They can go up to 200 miles before recharging is required. However, it takes a bit longer to charge an electric car than it does to recharge a gas-powered vehicle. In addition, they are far more expensive. To offset this expense, however, an electric car offers unparalleled performance.


An electric car offers great convenience and practicality. They have become the preferred transportation choice for urban dwellers and commuters in the United States. Although the initial cost may be greater than other options, a range extender will help you save money in the long run. You can also contribute to the environment by purchasing one.

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