Latest Electric Car Battery News – How to Reap the Savings

latest electric car battery news

In this day and age where electric cars are all the rage, it is important to stay up-to-date with any new technologies that may be used to improve current, electric car technology. One area of development that has reached the limelight is battery waste products. Many car batteries contain lithium, which is a highly toxic substance. When lithium metal chloride leaks into the electrolyte solution that makes up a battery cell, a chemical reaction occurs that produces toxic gases.

Safety Concerns With Using Lithium Metal Chloride

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Although there are no currently known safety concerns with using lithium metal chloride, it is not safe in any way. Batteries have been used for years as power source alternatives to regular electrical sources, such as gas or coal-fired power plants. Today, researchers are trying to find ways to recycle this dangerous waste, in order to create high-quality batteries. There are many benefits to recycling this battery waste, including monetary savings, lessening the impact on the environment, and the ability to use recycled materials in other places. One such place is the automotive industry, where batteries are continually purchased in large quantities for both replacement and new models. Batteries are also used to power forklifts, lawnmowers, compressors, and other equipment.

The Black Hills Battery Technology Institute

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One company that has recently come up with an alternative battery recycling technique is the Black Hills Battery Technology Institute. The institute has developed a Tesla electric car battery that runs at almost twice the efficiency of standard batteries. This means that Black Hills plans to sell its battery products for about $150 per unit. The biggest benefit of these types of batteries is that they can replace expensive lead acid batteries in heavy duty applications. The institute has even tested several different models of Tesla batteries on vehicles.

Tesla Uses More Energy

If you take a look at the latest Consumer Reports Consumer Energy report, you will find that Teslas and other electrically powered cars use a lot more energy than other models. Many consumers have been asking the question of whether or not tesla batteries are better than those used in the older model three by Chevrolet. The new battery from Black Hills makes that model 3EQi much more efficient.

Consumers looking for electric car battery news would do well to pay attention to what Black Hills is saying. Currently the lead acid batteries used in most electric cars only produce about fifteen percent of their charge. On the other hand, tesla batteries are producing thirty percent of their charge with the same energy output. That makes tesla the most efficient battery ever produced. When combined with the latest design of the electric car battery, that efficiency increase can be incredible. As the demand for electric cars increases so will the need for recycled batteries.

Last Words

So why are you waiting? Find out what the latest electric car battery news is and how it can save you big money in the long run. You may find that you could actually earn back your initial investment over again, but for now, you can enjoy the extra savings. With the cost of gas ever rising, you owe it to yourself to take action and protect your finances. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will start to reap the financial rewards!

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