SUV Hybrids: The Perfect Cars For Your Lifestyle

Picking SUV hybrid cars that are a perfect fit for your requirements means exploring myriad options and choices. One thing you should not miss out on is pondering on the features necessary for you in your new car. Always keep in mind; the horsepower ratings are not as significant as the features attributed to the car’s range when choosing a hybrid model.  Accomplishing high speed is not a problem as the gas engine always takes over in situations of fast acceleration. In the context of SUVs, it is important to note that they do not offer extraordinary gas mileage. However, the models featuring hybrid engines perform way better.

SUV Hybrid Models With Perfect Gas Mileage

When it comes to marking the SUV hybrid model with perfect gas mileage, you cannot forget the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. It offers a blended rating of 39 MPG or miles per gallon. In cities, it provides 41 MPG, and on highways, it is rated 37 MPG. Electric vehicles and especially the models from Tesla offer better ratings in mileage than the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. Not to forget, the ratings are nothing but estimates and mileage profiles might vary by the way you drive the vehicle.

The Nissan Rogue acquires the second position on this list. It is a popular hybrid model from Nissan and comes with a combined rating of 34 MPG. Chevy Equinox is a diesel-powered hybrid with ratings of 40 MPG. However, it is not considered perfect on the list of vehicles with decent gas mileage.  When it comes to determining the hybrids offering proper gas mileage, remember car models, and ratings tend to vary a bit every year. The size of the engine also affects MPG ratings. Larger engines generally use more fuel in comparison to the smaller ones.

SUV Hybrid Cars: The Perfect Fit For Your Requirements
SUV Hybrid Cars: The Perfect Fit For Your Requirements

Three-Row Hybrid SUVs With Perfect Gas Mileage

The first name in this list is that of Toyota Highlander Hybrid. It comes with a rating of 29 MPG in cities and 27 on highways. Second, the Acura MDX Sport Hybrid performs well as far as mileage is concerned. It boasts of MPG ratings of 26 in cities and 27 on highways and 27 when combined.

SUV Hybrids For Cargo Space

Again the Toyota Highlander acquires the first position when it comes to choosing SUV hybrids for cargo space. It offers 4.05 cubic feet of space. Then comes the Infinity QX60 with 39 cubic feet of room. Other brands scoring well on this list include BMW X5 xDrive with 34.5 cubic feet space; Porsche Cayenne with 33 and Volvo XC90 offering 35 cubic feet room.

Good Quality Plug-In SUV Hybrid

If you are in the lookout of a good quality plug-in SUV hybrid, your right bet would be going for Porsche Cayenne. In this category, it is quite likely for you to come across restricted choices. This is because plug-in hybrids tend being rendered as compact cars or sedans. Mitsubishi Outlander and Kia Niro PHEV are other SUV hybrid models for you to check out.

Nowadays, there are compact, full-size, luxury and sub-compact SUV hybrid cars available across the market. If you are in the lookout of a rugged and flexible hybrid vehicle, SUV would be the right choice for you.

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