Teslarati App – Streamlining Luxury Car Operations


As you will discover when you take a closer look below, these luxury sedans are really more than just another sports car. They are a true reflection of the mania that propels the Teslarati brand.

Teslarati has done a great article on Munro’s Q & A session on YouTube, where she says, “I think anyone who buys a Teslarati should think of it as an investment. They are going to get a great deal on an automobile that is truly exceptional in both design and quality. There’s nothing like it, not only in Italy but in the entire auto industry.” Indeed there is nothing like it, and as far as I am concerned the company simply did an amazing job with the release of the Teslarati app for the iPhone.

Book Luxury Appointments

Luxury Car

As you may know the app was developed to allow Teslarati drivers in the United States to plan and book luxury appointments in just minutes from their homes. At the time of this writing it has been downloaded by millions of users, and the reviews are all positive. Even though the app was not developed specifically for the Teslarati models it would make perfect sense to allow it to be used on any model that carries the TESLARATI branding.

And so now that it has been made available, I have some questions for the company. Why are they charging for the app? Are they hoping to somehow charge drivers for using the luxury service that they offer? Are they trying to corner the market in a weak luxury segment? In my experience the answer is, probably not.

The App Makes Perfect Sense

Luxury Car

At face value, the app makes perfect sense. It allows users to log into their accounts, view listings, find out when and where upcoming appointments are and even make reservations. That is only part of the bargain, however. Beyond that, it would make much more sense to allow drivers to use the app on any smartphone, which is currently the case, even if they cannot download it directly to their phone.

Since the app works with any smartphone, I expect that any smart phone owner with a Teslarati car will be able to take advantage of it. I also think that many fleet operators will be looking at this as a way to increase their efficiency and reduce their expenses, as well. If they charge drivers for each app they use then they are not spending money on things that they could be doing with that money instead.

More Business Will Be Gained

One of the reasons that luxury-vehicle fleets are able to enjoy so much success is that they are able to streamline operations now. I am sure there were times when drivers were running around town chasing deliveries, but those days are over. With the right app, vehicles can go from point A to point B, or stop and go at designated rest stops along the route. 

When Teslarati lets drivers know where they are going and gives them information about their next available appointment, more business will be gained and more efficiency will be achieved.

Final Words

For fleet managers, this new feature is an excellent addition. Rather than spending time, energy, and resources chasing down late or non-paying customers, drivers will know exactly where they are going and when they are due. They will also have additional information about the next available appointment, such as availability and make. This allows for a smoother operation, as well as better customer relations. The introduction of Teslarati’s app has helped to transform one of the world’s most successful luxury car fleets into one of its best performing.

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