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Teslarati is a California-based multi-platform media company and leading lifestyle brand with its primary focus on Tesla, SpaceX, and ventures affiliated with Elon Musk. The coverage of the electric vehicle and the modern space industry embodies our relationship between the human wish for exploration and engineering and the technologies that both come from and enable it. Teslarati provides a wide range of premium media products, and compelling content across tablet, desktop, and mobile devices, with a direct impact on the consumer. In a recent Teslarati report, we came to know that Tesla has begun talks with the government to start and operate a network of fully-owned retail outlets. The government has approved the company for four of its vehicles, deeming them roadworthy in India. Also, it came to light that Tesla is busy sourcing auto components in India. On the other hand, a recent video of Gigafactory Shanghai shows that Tesla China is more than ready for one more quarter-end push as Q3 2021 comes to an end. All such essential and astonishing news regarding Tesla, SpaceX, and Elon Musk ventures is available on Teslarati, a California-based media company. 

Teslarati Brings The Most Important News Of Tesla, SpaceX, And Elon Musk Ventures 


For ages, Teslarati has kept its focus on the minor to significant fluctuations in these top-level companies to grab the first comer advantage of such essential and astonishing news. Have a look! 

Veteran Tesla Owner Review About New Model 3


The Tesla owner informs Teslarati that this model is a truly transformational one. It provides long-range, high performance, and a premium aesthetic at a highly affordable price. This car is appropriate for overnight charging but not for a short period. The sound system in this model 3 is commendable, with clearly defined high frequencies and solid bass. Its interior is sleek and minimalistic. 

Clarkson Reviews About Tesla Model X

Teslarati brings to us the reviews of Jeremy Clarkson about Tesla Model X. He tells Teslarati that it has a unique feature of Mars map and James Bond Easter Eggs. He also liked the car’s autopilot software which enables you to do other things while driving. This Tesla Model gives an astonishing performance on the road. It behaves unlike anything on the road. The limitations he discussed were regarding its range and that its battery can easily catch fire. 

Tesla Model S Plaid Review From A Critic

 This news regarding the Tesla Model S Plaid review from its critic flooded Teslarati. The critic admitted that this all-electric car is brilliant and probably one of the best cars ever. He highlighted some of its features to be unique such as the wireless chargers for real passengers, touch-based airflow controls, and the vehicle’s Bioweapon Defense Mode. He told Teslarati what he liked and whatnot. 


Teslarati brings us such critical reviews of its focus companies and makes us familiar with the features and limitations of the new models. I hope it proves to be helpful!

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