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electric family

Electric Family, among the top-selling EDM brands out there, has gotten so much more than t-shirts and bracelets. In recent years, Electric Family has expanded into an impressive line of leather goods, including wallets and belt buckles. It has also taken its place as one of the top brands when it comes to kids’ and women’s designer clothing. The brand now has a number of collections for girls, ranging from skirts and blouses to pants and leather jackets. All of these new collections are designed to give kids a wide range of outfits that can grow with them through the years.

With all these new products, it’s no surprise that some parents are wondering if having an Electric Family supply list is making a positive impact on their children. The answer? It’s very positive! From the simple rubber bracelets worn by kids to the new electric family jackets and purses, there’s really no limit to what Electric Family can do.

Electric Family

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One of the most exciting new products in the line is the new “Dance Party” collection, which includes a wide assortment of leotards, dance gear, and wristbands. This collection offers lots of fun, colorful options that appeal to children of all ages. The fun dancers featured in the videos can be seen wearing some of the items in the “Dance Party” collection, like the new leotard with interchangeable straps, dance music note pads, and the popular dancing pad. Many of these accessories were inspired by the work of world-renowned dancer Leela Hepburn.

Leela Hepburn made quite a splash as a famous dancer and choreographer, but she has also created quite a number of innovative items in her many years of artistic creation. Some of her most memorable creations include the retro “Chandelier Headbands” she designed for a series of shows for Disney Channel, and her popular dance music bracelets. With her years of experience choreographing and performing, it’s no wonder that some of her dance music jewelry inspires modern dance gear like the new leotard and bracelet sets from Electric Family. The new leotards feature Leela’s artwork and designs, as well as the classic yellow and pink that have become the company’s signature color.

A Much Ado

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Kids love animals, especially dogs, and cats, and the “Paw Prints” leotard in the “Dance Party” collection will inspire little girls to want to be animals when they’re growing up. Designed in the same retro style as the “Chandelier Headbands,” the leotard features animal-inspired wristbands for parents to match. The dancing pad is another cool item in this collection, which is a large enough size that two people can stand side-by-side and move as if they’re doing a simple hip-hop dance. This pad doubles as a punching bag, so if your little girl wants to learn how to punch, but doesn’t really want to pick up a martial arts weapon like a bag, this could be a great option. It comes with the standard “Dance Party” pad and can be purchased with different animal prints for you to choose from.

One of Leela’s favorite genres is pop, and she loves to incorporate her favorite songs into her leotards and accessories. She’s made several music-related products for young girls including a sing-along song card that kids can sing along to, as well as a deluxe photo album that comes in a box complete with a plush bear of Leela. Other items in her line are also geared toward kids – a piggy bank that kids can fill with money, and a set of earrings that kids can wear as earrings and change into a chain when they want to do a twist.

While it’s always great to celebrate your heritage by celebrating your family’s past, it can sometimes feel like there are outdated pieces in your wardrobe. Luckily, you don’t have to! An updated version of your mom’s old flirty dress or an updated pair of shoes might be just what the doctor ordered. The Electric Family Band gives you a chance to remember the good old days of yesterday while showing off your new, modern style.

Final Words

And the dance floor is always going to be a fun place to visit! Your guests will appreciate this added feature, as well. They will feel welcome to join in on the fun. Even the little ones will love to play along. They just might learn something along the way, too!

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