The Lazy Man’s Guide To Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

New Tesla Roadster pricing, specifications and expected release date are being touted in the press. As being the biggest news in electric car history. The all-new, electric Tesla Roadsters are set to go head to head. Against the very top luxury cars in the world. The Lotus Evita with a target zero to sixty-two miles per hour time of two seconds. Although they look similar to each other. They have very different design goals and a number of different performance attributes. That will ultimately determine how successful they will be.

Tesla Roadster - The Greatest Car!
Tesla Roadster – The Greatest Car!

Tesla Roadster: Designed With Excellence

One of the most interesting things about the new Tesla Roadsters is that they will be designed by the Italian designer Mauro Picasso. Picasso, an automotive industry veteran. And one of the most recognized car designers in the world. He was responsible for many of the most beautiful creations you can see today. His expertise in vehicle design and engineering has helped to create some of the most powerful automobiles of recent years. including the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Lamborghini Reventon, Lamborghini Murcielago and the Rolls Royce Phantom. His design team, led by his son, Piero, is responsible for making the new Teslas as aerodynamic and efficient as possible.

Tesla Roadster: Aero Engineering

While aero engineering has been used in all-electric vehicle development over the last thirty years. The new Tesla Roadsters has to rely on the principle of ‘stiction’. It is an air charge that makes an airtight seal between the exterior shell and the drive train. The air charge helps the car maintains its shape during constant acceleration. As far as power goes, the new Tesla Roadsters will come with a twin electric motor unit. That you can expect to produce more than double the power of the previous Roadsters. The electric motors will power both rear-drive and front-drive wheels on each vehicle, giving the electric vehicle a much more powerful drive than most competitors.

Tesla Roadster: Performance Beats The Price

The price tag for the new Tesla Roadsters is more than $100k. This price tag, combined with the great performance of the car, makes the new electric cars highly desirable. If they do not succeed in the marketplace, it is expected that the company may move production to China, but the cars will still be made in America, which means the cars will be cheaper to buy. and the quality will be higher.

Incredibly Fast

There is no question that the new Roadsters will be incredibly fast. The company claims that the maximum possible speed of the electric cars will be around 180 miles per hour, which would make them faster than a Ferrari Enzo and the new Jaguar E-type, the most powerful sports cars on the market today.

Tesla Roadster - Reason To Love It!
Tesla Roadster – Reason To Love It!

Powertrain And Transmission System

Of course, the powertrain and transmission system are very important components of how fast the car can go. While there were reports earlier that the powertrain would be similar to the old Roadster. That plan was quickly put on hold. After the company realized that it would take too long to design the necessary components. The new Roadsters will utilize the same hybrid drive system as the old cars and use a three-phase induction system that uses lithium batteries to store energy to power up the vehicle’s electric motor.

Summing Up

The only real drawback to the new model is that the only way to change out the battery pack will be to get a new one, which could potentially raise the price considerably. The company’s initial plans are to offer a three year warranty on their battery packs, but they may increase the warranty to five years or even more as demand for the vehicles increases. They are also considering a new three-wheel drive option.

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