Types Of Hybrid Cars Available In The Market

Types Of Hybrid Cars Available In The Market

What is meant by hybrid? In simple terms, the hybrid vehicle is a car which has two different types of engines. Normally the cars have only one engine, a gas engine in normal cars and an electric engine in these cars. But these cars are the combination of both engines. This vehicle has an option of recapturing the energy that has been emitted by the vehicle when brakes are applied. The electric motor works at times and some times the gasoline engine works. This results in the less use of fuel which also decreases the economy too. The electricity boosts the car’s performance at times.

Types Of Hybrid Cars Available In The Market
Types Of Hybrid Cars Available In The Market

Various Types

There are different types of vehicles available in the market. In this article, you are going to learn about these types.

Parallel Hybrid

These types of hybrid vehicles are the ones that you see mostly in the market and people also prefer in investing in these kinds of vehicles only. The electric engine and gasoline one connect in a common transmission place. The two power sources are blended here. The transmission from electric to gasoline or vice versa can be done according to the car owners wish or there are some instances when the car itself transfers from one type of engine to another. The transmission type of the car and gasoline type are the two major things that make an impact on the way car drives.

Series Hybrid

In the series vehicle, there won’t be any connection between the electric and gasoline engine. The electric motor is the one that provides all the thrust here. The gasoline engine is used to recharge the electric engine and this gives an experience of driving an electric car only. Smooth performance and great acceleration are something that one can benefit from these series of cars. There will be less usage of the gasoline engine therefore very less vibration from it.

Plug-In Hybrid

The plug-in hybrid cars are the ones that are an enhanced version of conventional cars. They have a large electric battery which can be recharged with the help of an external power source. There are various charging stations available out there for this purpose. These cars are driven with the help of this electric energy only and there is no need to use the gasoline at all until there is an emergency situation. If you are about to drive the car for a shorter distance, then plug-in hybrid can be a great option that you have before you.

These plug-in hybrids can be both parallel and series.

Types Of Hybrid Cars Available In The Market
Types Of Hybrid Cars Available In The Market

Super Cars

This is one such category which doesn’t have a proper description yet. The super-hybrid cars are the ones that are a complicated version of the cars. They have all the features that both series and parallel cars have and work according to the situation.

Mild Hybrids

The mild-hybrid cars are the ones that usually run on gasoline engine only but takes the help of electric engine at times. This is an exact opposite type to the full hybrid car.

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