What Are The Different Hybrid Car Types?

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Nowadays, you can see hybrid cars anywhere. You can notice them on the highway, on TV commercials during your serials. The best part about them is that they are helpful in the go-green movement. These cars are great alternatives for the ones using gasoline power. They can save a lot of fuel as they run on electric motors for power. In this article, we describe the essential information about various hybrid car types. Hence, the interested ones must not miss this article until the end.

What Are The Different Hybrid Car Types?
What Are The Different Hybrid Car Types?

We can use these cars for reducing oil usage in the country. They cause less pollution than other vehicles. Therefore, the environment lovers prefer hybrid cars. Moreover, their look is also beautiful. There are various reasons to choose hybrid cars over other ones. Read the following sections to know about different forms of hybrid vehicles.

Series Hybrid: Hybrid Car Types

In this form of the hybrid car, the work of the electric motor is to handle all the driving.  The gasoline engine only works to recharge the various battery packs. When someone began the engine, the battery packs give power to the electric motor for the turning of the wheels. When the trip is long, then the car gets the power through the gasoline engine. However, the cars having series hybrid engines are more expensive. An example of a series plug-in hybrid is Fisher Karma.

Parallel Hybrid

This form of hybrid engine uses both electric engines as well as internal combustion. However, this is the only similarity between the series and parallel hybrids. In this parallel hybrid, there is an attachment of conventional and electric engines to one transmission. It makes both of these engines to provide power the car at the same moment. The fuel tank has the function to supply gasoline to the engine in this hybrid form.

Moreover, the charging of the batteries takes place via the generator. It makes this engine to travel the long distances comfortably. Therefore, many drivers prefer them over the series hybrids. These engines are also more fuel-efficient. Toyota Prius and Honda Insight are examples of cars using the parallel hybrid engine.

What Are The Different Hybrid Car Types?
What Are The Different Hybrid Car Types?

Mild Hybrid

It is another variation of the hybrid engine. However, the mild hybrid is the least expensive form of hybrid engines. In this hybrid form doesn’t depend only on the electric engine. The electric motor also assists the gas engine when it requires power. When the vehicles become slow, the control units stops the engine. It prevents the wastage of fuel. Moreover, the battery starts the motor again when someone accelerates or put the gear.

Plug-In Hybrid: Hybrid Car Types

The vehicles using this form of hybrid get most of the power from car batteries. The Plug-In Hybrid uses gasoline power engine also. However, it functions when the battery is out of power. You can also recharge some of the cells in these engines at home. Moreover, there are some recharging networks which can charge them.

Electric Vehicle

The engine of these cars uses only the electrical motor. They consist of rechargeable batteries in the engine. Earlier, people avoid them who need to travel long distances. However, many manufacturers improved them according to customer needs. 

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