Why Custom Rims Won’t Go With Electric Rides


Custom rims do not always work with your electric car. Customization of a car is a part of car ownership. However, one must keep in mind a few things before customizing the vehicle. Here is the list of factors that the car owner must keep in mind.

Why Custom Rims Won't Go Down With Electric Rides
Why Custom Rims Won’t Go Down With Electric Rides

Custom Rims: Rolling Resistance

It is necessary to talk about flat tires and improper inflation before you consider to use custom rims. There is a relationship between a moving object and the surface on which the object is moving along – this relationship is known as rolling resistance.

Due to the friction between the car tire and specific surface energy is lost – this energy is known as rolling resistance. It is harder for the car to work to move along when the rolling resistance is high. When rolling resistance is lower, the vehicle requires less energy to move along.

Custom Rims: Decreasing Rolling Resistance with The Help of Energy Tires

Why Custom Rims Won't Go Down With Electric Rides
Why Custom Rims Won’t Go Down With Electric Rides

The electric car is used in such a way that it will consume less energy to move. The electric vehicle must be energy efficient. As we have mentioned above, when rolling resistance is low, the car will consume less energy to move. Hence, the tires for electric vehicles must be designed in such a way that lowers the rolling resistance. Therefore, the fact is elementary. The custom wheel must have lesser rolling resistance so that it can move quickly without consuming much energy.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, all tires of electric vehicles are designed in such a way that doesn’t need to consume much energy. One must remember that electric cars were invented to save more energy. Hence, the consumption of less energy by your electric vehicle is the main motto save non-renewable energy.

Custom Rims: Wheels

All the car owner love custom wheels. However, they have to consider a lot of things about custom wheels when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Custom wheels involve tires with a larger diameter than stock; moreover, it has a full track and more rubber to put down on the road. Unfortunately, there is now a particular tire which is energy efficient.

However, not using proper custom wheels make the owner compromise with the comfort of car riding.

Checking The Custom Wheel Before Buying

There is a massive array of custom wheels available in the market for your electric vehicle. Moreover, the available custom wheels have lower rolling resistance.

However, customizing the electric vehicle might prevent the riders and the driver from having some fun of car riding and driving. To avoid such circumstances, one must remember the factors mentioned above.

Moreover, one can add a few more things in their list while planning to customize the electric vehicle, although this list is a long one. However, the owners can install an upgraded sound system, window tinting, or even a showy respray.


However, when you are planning to customize the car, especially when you are willing to buy a customizes wheel, you must do the maths and keep the fundamentals of physics in your mind.