Wonderful Benefits of Driving an Electric Car

benefits of driving an electric car

More and more people should be educated about the electric car benefits to save our environment and also to save a huge amount of money incurred as fuel expenses. Today, we have all kinds of cars manufactured with an e-version. Let us read more about the various electric car benefits.

Electric Car Benefits

A car parked in a parking lot
  • Today, cars, trucks, transit buses and even big tractors can run on electricity. These cars are either battery-powered electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids which combine both diesel engines and electric motors, or full cell vehicles that run totally by producing electricity. The first ever electric fire bus is also soon to be unveiled in Angelenos next year.
  • These vehicles save the climate and our lives too. The largest source of pollution today is because of the fuel emission. This has lead to a big climate crisis. The only possible way to solve this problem is to avoid emissions from cars and trucks. This can be possible only if we have more electric cars. The air pollution from fuel-run cars lead to bronchitis, asthma, cancer and even premature death.
  • Electric vehicles have negligible carbon footprint as compared to the gasoline-powered automobiles. The electricity that charges the battery in hybrid and electric vehicles comes from power grids that rely on fossil fuels. Energy grids differ from one place to another and so does the carbon footprint. But the good news is that electric vehicles efficiently convert energy to power cars and trucks. The electricity generated is clean even if it is generated from dirty grids.
  • Electric vehicles can easily charge up at home or office, while you go to the store. These vehicles can be recharged wherever they are parked. This makes them a good solution for truck and bus fleets. The government in each state is coming up with more recharging solutions such as public charging locations in parking garages, shopping centers and workplaces.
  • These are cheaper to run. Owning an Electric vehicle will give you lower running costs. The electricity required to charge an e-vehicle is one/third per kilometer than petrol. 
  • Such cars are also cheaper to maintain. A battery electric vehicle has less moving parts than those in a conventional car. As there are lesser moving parts, less servicing and maintenance is required. There is less cost for wear and tear. These parts include starter motors, exhaust systems, radiators, fuel injection systems and such other parts.
  • Although the batteries do wear out after some time, these can be easily replaced at a low cost. The warranties of batteries are for around 8 years which is a very long time.
  • Conventional cars run on petrol require regular servicing, while e-cars do not need frequent servicing. 
  • Electric cars are better for the environment as they cause less pollution, and use only renewable energy and eco-friendly materials. It is possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a greater degree by using electric cars. These can be recharged using the solar PV system during the day instead of using a power grid.
A car parked on the side of a building

These are some of the amazing electric car benefits that one must consider. 

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