Electric Car News Today – Advantages Of Using Electric Cars

electric car news today

The automobile industry has achieved great success since its first launch of cars. Nearly every single family owns a car today. As everyone knows, cars run on fuels and combustion engines. However, it was witnessed that many companies are on the verge of launching electric cars that would just run on battery and needs a charger to get charged up just like a mobile handset people use. Electric cars are the innovations that have been launched and were successful since their first use. These are eco-friendly and saves a lot on fuel prices. Below is the latest updated Electric Car News Today that would surely bring out some new technologies that are yet to come in the future or have just been released. 

New Audi EVs From 2026

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The CEO of the luxurious and largest automobile group “Audi” stated that the company would be focusing on launching electric vehicles after 2026. Till then it would launch combust engine fuel models. The CEO also stated that the fuel engine models would only be sold till the early 2030s. This was a great change to the company’s plans that may seem to fully be made into electric car makers. The last Audi Q8 model would have an electric variant that would be seen in 2026 according to German Media. 

Tesla’s Electric Car Of The Year

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Tesla has launched the most successful electric vehicles with automatic driving modes and awesome features. The company’s recent launch I.e. Tesla Model 3 has become the electric car of the year at cars.com making a new history. Tesla has been on the top list of consumer satisfaction. Tesla has outgrown many companies in the EV car field and the expectations have become much higher of its upcoming cars. This is the best and the most successful Electric Car News Today that has achieved great heights both in terms of technology and customer service. 

KIA And Uber Collaboration 

The automotive company KIA has recently stated that it would collaborate with the cab booking company Uber to sell and speed up its electric car production in Europe. KIA and Uber have already signed a deal partnership of buying benefits and is all set with the goal to create an eco-friendly environment without carbon emissions in 20 different European countries. This would be seen in leading cities like Lisbon, London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, etc.


Since fuel prices have risen and it is a non-renewable source of energy, electric cars are the need of the day. Electric cars are all eco-friendly and it is evident that many companies are planning to launch fully electric models by 2025 or 2030s. Several successful models have been launched and have satisfied people greatly. BMW is also set with the target to launch EV vehicles by 2025. The sales of the electric car have topped with a sale of around 3 million cars in 2019 according to a report published. The future is seen to be fully equipped with eco-friendly and cost-effective electric vehicles

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